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Title Water-Dispersible Fluorescent Silver Nanoparticles via Sputtering Deposition over Liquid Polymer Using a Very Short Thiol Ligand
Posted by Ryan Corpuz
Authors Yohei Ishida, Ryota Nakabayashi, Ryan D. Corpuz, Tetsu Yonezawa
Publication date 2017/01/08
Journal Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Volume 518
Issue 5
Pages 25-29
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract We have developed a novel physical approach for size-controlled synthesis of metal nanoparticles via sputtering deposition over liquid matrix. Here we report a novel water-dispersible, negatively charged fluorescent silver nanoparticles through this method with a very short anionic thiolate ligand. Our previous result showed that multiple hydrogen bonds between carboxylic groups in surface ligands resulted in a very poor dispersilibity of formed nanoparticles, however neutralized sodium 3-mercaptopropionate used in this work could overcome this limitation. We successfully obtained NIR fluorescent, water-dispersible silver nanoparticles for the first time among physical-based approach. Results presented here therefore will widen the spectrum of novel and environmental-friendly strategy for functionalized metal nanoparticles or fluorescent clusters.