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Title The Effectiveness of the Mobile Application in Increasing Teenagers Knowledge on Reproductive Health
Posted by Mae-lanie Poblete
Authors Poblete, Mae-Lanie O.; Mayol, Sophia Diane D.; Bulanan, Angel B. ; Bocatot, April Rose B. ; Ridad, Geraldine S.; Madjus, Leah May P.
Publication date 2019/09
Conference 3rd International Conference on Healthcare and Allied Sciences
Abstract Lack of knowledge on reproductive health is associated with vulnerability to unsafe reproductive health behavior and inappropriate choices leading to sexually transmitted infection and unwanted teenage pregnancies. Early pregnancies can lead to higher negative consequences for the mother, partner, and the baby by imposing socioeconomic burden on individuals and society. The aim of this present study is to devise a mobile application to empower health education by identifying the level of teenager’s knowledge regarding reproductive health, determining whether there is an increase in the respondents knowledge before and after using the mobile application, and evaluating the mobile application’s usability, and acceptability. The study utilized the ADDIE model, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation, a framework used in designing and developing instructional and training programs. Development of the mobile application was possible with the help of the commissioned programmer. A pre-experimental single group pre-test post-test research design was employed to all 86 Grade 10 students of Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology Integrated Developmental School. Prior to testing, six (6) reproductive health experts were consulted. Results showed that there is a significant difference in the knowledge of the students before and after the use of the mobile application. Both the students and the experts gave high ratings in terms of the usability and acceptability of the mobile application. In conclusion, the mobile application is effective in increasing the knowledge of students about reproductive health. The application can be used as an alternative tool for instruction giving adolescents an opportunity to use medically accurate information needed to improve their knowledge.
Index terms / Keywords Knowledge, Mobile Application, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Reproductive Health, Unwanted Teenage Pregnancies