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Title Hypertensive Patient's Symptom Distress and Quality of Life
Posted by Clowe Jondonero
Authors Clowe D. Jondonero, Cesar Demayo, Mark Anthony Torres, Madarang, Maricar Mae, Ramiro, Katherine
Publication date July 2009
Conference 31st National Academy of Science and Technology Scientific Conference - Active Aging: Preparing for Quality Life
Volume Volume 31
Issue No. 1
Pages 162
Publisher National Academy of Science and Technology
Abstract Patients with hypertension frequently report symptoms that are similar to those reported by patients without diagnosis. Although alterations is often thought to be asymptomatic, cognitive changes, mood alterations and general symptoms such as dizziness and headaches have been described. Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) may be influenced by these symptoms, whether these are derived from disease or treatment. This study was conducted to know the HRQOL, specifically the physical, emotional and social impact of hypertension. A structured questionnaire was used to determine the health, wellness, and quality of life of hypertensive patients recruited to participate in this study. The questionnaire has six areas of concern: physical state, emotional/mental state, stress evaluation, life enjoyment, overall quality of life and overall impression of their quality of life. Results show that the majority of patients diagnosed with hypertension occasionally or rarely experience physical pain, occasionally or constantly experience emotional/mental distress, moderately suffer from stresses in life, enjoy life considerably, are pleased with their overall quality of life, and have overall impression that their quality of lives are the same even before the diagnosis of the disease. They however anticipate that things may change if nothing will be done about their condition; their quality of life may change by then.
Index terms / Keywords hypertension, symptom distress, quality of life