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Title PhET Simulation-Aided Iessons and Demonstrations: Approach to Enrich Students’ Understanding on the Least Learned Competency in Physics Education
Posted by Clowe Jondonero
Authors Bernabe Linog, Arnold C. Alguno, Myrna Lahoylahoy and Clowe D. Jondonero
Journal International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Volume Vol.21 No.2
Issue May-August, 2013
Pages pp 46-50
Publisher Siam Technology College
Abstract Abstract: The study focuses on Physics Education Technology simulation-aided lessons and demonstrations as approach to enrich students’ understanding about sound and the utilization of developed enrichment activities as instructional materials to address least learned competency in physics education. There were two groups (control and treatment) exposed to teaching-learning engagements. The control group was exposed to traditional method while the treatment group was exposed to PhET simulations and PhET- aided developed enrichment activities. Results showed that the PhET- aided developed enrichment activities are usable, acceptable and could be used as instructional materials based on the evaluation of public secondary physics teachers. Furthermore, there exists homogeneity between two groups. Although both groups have gained significantly in their post achievement tests, the treatment group had a bigger increase as compared with the control group. It implied that learning is best achieved and observed when misconceptions are addressed, concepts are visualized and interactive environments are experienced through PhET simulations.
Index terms / Keywords Developed Enrichment Activities, Least-learned Competency, PhET Simulations and Demonstrations, Physics Education.