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Title Development of Metal Nanoparticle-decorated PVA/CS Composite Colorimetric Sensor by Spin-Coating
Posted by Arnold Alguno
Authors Jeanne Phyre B. Lagare, Ser John Lynon P. Perez, Jonathan N. Patricio, Lyka B. De La Rosa, Susan D. Arco, Arnold C. Alguno, Eleanor S. Austria, Jonathan L. Manigo, Mikee Joy D. Rodriguez and Rey Y. Capangpangan
Publication date 2019
Conference 2019 International Nanotechnology Conference in the Philippines (INCP2019)
Abstract Gold (AuNPs) and silver (AgNPs) nanoparticles were successfully immobilized in the porous poly(vinyl alcohol)-chitosan (PVA/CS) composite film via spin-coating deposition. The plasmonic nanoparticles were synthesized by citrate reduction method and were incorporated into the spin-coating-derived film by addition to the blend solution consisting of PVA/CS (9:1) in 2% acetic acid. To increase the selectivity and sensitivity of the sensor towards target analytes, surface-modification of AuNPs and AgNPs with mercaptosuccinic acid (MSA) and polyethyleneimine (PEI) were carried out. The polymeric sensors were found to be responsive to colorimetric detection of CN- in water, with PVA/CS/PEI-f-AuNPs showing the most visible response in the concentration range of 0.001-100 ppm.