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Title Development of A Subanen-based Math Activies in Geometry for Grade 7
Posted by Amelia Buan
Authors Pelmar M. Acosta, Myrna Lahoylahoy, Amelia Buan, Corazon Tejano
Publication date 2018
Conference The 11th International Conference on Educational Research: 8 – 9 September 2018, Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Pages 397-406
Abstract were undertaken: selecting the topic, formulating the learning objectives, designing Subanen-based Mathematics activities, face-validation, revision, try-out, revision, and development. The developed activities were evaluated by the In-Service Subanen teachers through the use of a rubric. The evaluated activities were tried on Grade 7 studentsof Carmen Integrated School, and then administered to Grade 7 students of Katipunan National High School. The learners took the pretest before the implementation of the Subanen-based Mathematics Activities and after the Subanen-based Mathematics Activities were implemented, they took the posttest as well as the perception questionnaire. The said students perceived that the applicability of the Subanen-based Mathematics Activities were interesting, fun and informative. Moreover, there was an increase in the scores from pretest to post test. Hence, there was a significant difference between the pretest and posttest. It was proven and concluded that the evaluated Subanen-based Mathematics Activities were effective in the teaching-learning process