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Title Building in Hot and Humid Regions - Historical Perspective and Technological Advances
Posted by Napoleon Enteria
Authors Napoleon Enteria, Hazim Awbi, Mat Santamouris
Publication date 2019
Publisher Springer
Abstract This book presents an in-depth analysis covering climatic and weather conditions, house and building development history, construction methods and technologies, and environmental conditions. It provides relevant house and building information and highlights recent advances in hot and humid regions, as well as developments in other regions that are relevant to hot and humid climates. The countries in hot and humid regions, which include the tropical countries, the Middle Eastern countries around the Mediterranean, and many countries of Central Asia and Africa, are home to some of the most challenging conditions in the world in terms of house and building design and construction, and in terms of maintaining indoor thermal comfort and air quality in an energy-efficient way. The book’s respective chapters, prepared by expert contributors, cover essential concepts, designs, and construction methodologies for houses and commercial buildings. As such, the book offers a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate students in architecture and engineering, house and building designers, and building sciences researchers. Building contractors, manufacturers and distributors of building equipment and devices, and government policymakers and legislators will also benefit from the information provided in this book.
Index terms / Keywords Hot and humid regions, Building sciences and technologies, Energy efficient buildings and houses, Energy generating buildings and houses, Healthy buildings and houses, Sustainable building design in hot area, Climate responsive design, Tropical sustainable architecture thermal behavior of buildings