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Title Covering the Cost of the Past: Disaster Management in the Most Typhoon-Affected Region in the Philippines
Posted by Hazel Jovita-olvez
Authors Hazel Jovita, Dyah Mutiarin, Achmad Nurmandi
Publication date 2018
Journal International Journal of Disaster Response and Emergency Management (IJDREM)
Volume 1
Issue 2
Pages 15
Publisher IGI Global.
Abstract This is a quantitative article which aims to analyse what constitutes successful disaster governance by measuring how the previous performance of the disaster management network influence the aspects of governance process -initial agreement, leadership, trust, planning and managing conflict and how these variables are associated to the outcome of collaborative disaster management. The findings highlight the role of public managers in the collaborative disaster management as it revealed that initial agreement is connected with leadership, leadership is associated with trust, and trust, as well as managing conflict, are correlated with the planning process. The findings suggest that the Philippine disaster management network in Region 10 is shaped by its previous performance. However, there is a necessity to institutionalise incentive mechanisms and improve the leadership capacities of the lead agencies in order to strengthen the trust and interdependence among agencies which could lead to more effective disaster management plans and stronger network collaboration.
Index terms / Keywords Collaboration, Disaster Response, Governance, Leadership, Natural Hazards, Performance
DOI DOI: 10.4018/IJDREM.2018040104