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Title Levels of Technology Integration into the Curriculum among the Pre-Service Teachers
Posted by Ruben Abucayon
Authors Ruben L. Abucayon, Ph.D, Johanna Leizl B. Tangkion, Rachelle G. Gapol
Publication date 2016
Conference 9th International Conference on Educational Research
Abstract This study aimed to determine the level of technology integration among the pre-service teachers in the College of Education of Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology. The study employed descriptive research design. In order to have the essential information needed, the researchers provided a questionnaire to gather substantial data about the profile of the respondents in terms of their age, gender, civil status, accessibility to internet connection and computer literacy. Technology integration matrix was also utilized to determine the level of technology integration among the pre-service teachers in the different learning environment. Problems encountered in integrating technology into the curriculum were given by the respondents for appropriate intervention and careful planning. The result of the study showed that there was no significant relationship between the respondents’ profile and the level of technology integration into the curriculum. On the other hand, computer literacy directly affects the level of technology integration. Advance knowledge on computer applications and technical skills increase the level of integration. Pre-service teachers’ levels of technology integration into the curriculum differ in the different learning environment. The researchers found out that most of the respondents are in the adaptation level of technology integration in an active, collaborative, authentic and goal-directed learning environment. But in a constructive learning environment, the respondents have reached already in the transformation level of technology integration. Pre-service teachers facilitates higher order learning opportunities in which students regularly engage in activities that may have been impossible to achieve without the use of technology tools. They encourage students to explore the use of technology tools in unconventional ways and to use the full capacity of multiple tools in order to build knowledge. Furthermore, pre-service teachers have identified major problems they encountered in increasing their levels of technology integration into the curriculum such as lack of appropriate software/materials, insufficient technical support and advance knowledge or skills for ICT integration.
Index terms / Keywords Technology Integration, Pre-Service Teachers, Learning Environment