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Title Intention to Use ICT Mediates the Relationships between Attitudes towards ICT, Subjective Norm, Self Efficacy and ICT Use
Posted by Ruben Abucayon
Authors Ruben L. Abucayon & Imelu G. Mordeno, Marife R. Hegakit, Cristyl Allanie S. Manlangit
Publication date 2017
Thesis from the institution Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology
Abstract Integrating ICT on teachers’ pedagogy has been observed to have certain difficulties. Unfortunately, the lack of literature is hampering the understanding of reasons behind the slow-paced ICT integration, particularly among teachers assigned in rural areas. This study addressed these gaps by examining the influence of attitude towards ICT, subjective norm, and self-efficacy on using ICT as mediated by intention to use among Filipino secondary school teachers. A total sample of 420 in-service teachers in the selected private and government owned secondary schools in Iligan City and province of Lanao del Norte participated. Using the moderator analysis, the results showed that the intention to use ICT is a significant moderator on the relationship between attitude towards ICT, subjective norm, self-efficacy and ICT use. This indicates that teachers with more favorable attitude towards ICT , who believed that people around them are supportive to the use of ICT, and who believed that they are capable of really using ICT, are the reasons why teachers intend to use ICT and subsequently, they are likely to actually integrate ICT in their pedagogical practices.
Index terms / Keywords Information and Communications Technology, Attitudes towards ICT, Subjective Norm, Self-efficacy, Intention to use