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Title ANN-based reactive power controller with real-time web monitoring
Posted by Carl John Salaan
Authors Carl John O. Salaan, Mark Joseph M. Victoria and Noel R. Estoperez
Publication date 2013
Journal International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems
Volume 5
Pages 166-173
Publisher Inderscience
Abstract This study introduced a real-time reactive power controller based on artificial neural network with web-based monitoring. A feed-forward employing back-propagation was used as training technique. The inputs to the network were the active and reactive power of each load. The targets were to switch on/off the capacitor banks during normal and abnormal conditions. The network was trained using developed MATLAB program and the weights resulted to minimum mean-square-error were fed to the microcontroller unit. The method was then tested in a three-bus radial distribution system model and implemented using Zilog microcontroller. The system actions were monitored using web-based monitoring application. The method was validated in actual operation of the system using the test data and results were satisfactorily obtained.
Index terms / Keywords VAR control; neural networks; web monitoring; ANN; artificial neural networks; reactive power controller; real-time monitoring; microcontrollers.
DOI 10.1504/IJAMECHS.2013.057439