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Title Attitude Fosters Support for Indonesia’s Drug War: A Quantitative Analysis of The University Students of Indonesia
Posted by Queenie Pearl Tomaro
Authors Queenie Pearl Villalon Tomaro; Dyah Mutiarin; David N Almarez
Publication date 2018/11/8
Journal Journal of Social Science Research
Volume 13
Pages 2271-2781
Abstract This quantitative study investigates the direct attributors to the formation of the intention of the Indonesian university students in supporting the War on Drugs of the Widodo administration. The core of this research rest upon the imperative role of public support to the furtherance of the enforcement of contentious policies such as the War on Drugs This study is theoretically anchored from the Theory of Planned Behavior of Icek Ajzen which links Attitude, Subjective norm, and Perceived Behavioral Control to intention-the intention to support the War on Drugs of Jokowi’s administration. In answer to the questions raised by the research, a self-reported questionnaire survey was conducted to 194 students enrolled in selected universities in Indonesia, namely, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Islamic Institute, and Universities Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Structural Equation Modelling and regression analysis was employed in evaluating and analyzing the results gathered from the survey. The analysis revealed that among Attitude, Subjective Norm, and Perceive Behavioral Control, only Attitude has emerged to have a positive impact over the intention of the students to support Indonesia’s Drug War Strategies. Hence, positive attitude towards the drug war is argued to drive intentions of support from the public. Consequently, in programs aimed at increasing public support for Drug War, attitude transformation strategies must be the core focus.
Index terms / Keywords Public Support, Attitude, War on Drugs, Indonesia