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Title A Glimpse into the Anatomy of the Tribulations and Successes of the Chinese-Filipino in Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Posted by Michael Anthony Ngo
Authors Ngo, Michael Anthony; Langbid, Rose
Publication date 2016/12
Journal IAFOR Journal of the Social Sciences
Volume 2
Issue 2
Pages 71-85
Publisher The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)
Abstract This research provides a closer look at the lives and times of a Chinese-Filipino community in the province of Lanao del Norte, Philippines as they encountered various challenges in the “new community” since leaving their homes in China. As one of the overseas migrants who settled in the Philippines, they have been viewed differently by the colonial government and the society. However, their role and contributions in the province has been considerably of significance when it comes to the development of the commercial trading activities. Although considered a minority in their “new community”, the methods, attitudes and skills these Chinese-Filipino have in their entrepreneurial activity have propelled them to dominate the commercial activities in the province. By exploring on the lives of a Chinese-Filipino community in the province, this paper will give an insight to the following: 1) how the Chinese-Filipino were able to adjust and adapt to their “new community”, 2) what were the challenges they faced in a foreign society, and 3) how they were able to overcome and established their foothold in the community. For this research, personal interviews were conducted together with the data and documents gathered to provide a substantial narrative to the study. However, the scope of this paper focuses only on the Chinese-Filipino community in the province of Lanao del Norte and does not reflect the general conditions of the Chinese-Filipino communities in the Philippines.
Index terms / Keywords Chinese-Filipino community, tribulations, successes, Lanao del Norte