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Title Attaining Analysis, Evaluation, and Creation Level of Learning via Online Questions in Polymer and Chemical Reaction Engineering Course
Posted by Arniel Ching Dizon
Authors An, Siyu; Dizon, Arniel Ching; Suppes, Galen; Gosh, Tushar
Publication date 2018/07
Journal Journal of Online Engineering Education
Volume 9
Abstract Students' learning is organized by Bloom's Taxonomy in six levels. The significance of high levels of learning is confirmed by publications which clearly pointed out a gap between factual information students learnt from lectures and their applying ability in flexible situations in future study or workplace. This problem is caused by current teaching mode excessively concerning memorization of individual concepts but neglecting training students' logical thinking between concepts. To address the issue, this paper proposes skills in making high-order learning questions for online use aiming at cultivation of students' logical analysis, evaluating situations and results, and ultimately the creative ability, which are illustrated by examples in polymer and chemical reaction engineering course. Beyond these, suggestions to prevent a question reducing its level after one or two exposures are provided so that educators can take advantage of all techniques to formulate questions towards the goal of helping students achieve high levels of learning.