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Title Online quiz methods for remedial learning in chemical engineering
Posted by Arniel Ching Dizon
Authors Dizon, Arniel Ching; An, Siyu; Lubguban, Arnold; Suppes, Galen
Publication date 2018/04/22
Journal Education for Chemical Engineers
Volume 23
Pages 18-24
Publisher Elsevier B.V.
Abstract Online quizzes with feedback and retake options can be effective as a remedial learning strategy in a curriculum with sequential courses that rely on prerequisites. Use of groups of two to three students on these quizzes facilitates the learning process by creating an environment where students share their knowledge and understanding. Group activities can extend to sharing and building upon the students’strategies for locating and using free online learning resources. This paper is on methods of preparing online quizzes for remedial learning including structures of questions suitable for remedial learning and approaches to attain analysis and evaluation learning levels for a course in reaction engineering.
Index terms / Keywords Remedial learning, online quiz, online quiz feedback, online quiz question, higher-order learning