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Title The Reproductive Health of the Philippines: Perceptions in the South
Posted by Sittie Akima Ali
Authors Sittie Akima A. Ali
Publication date 2018
Journal Journal of Government and Politics
Volume Volume 9
Issue Issue 1 , 2018
Pages pp 113-137
Publisher Jurnal Studi Pemerintahan (Journal of Politics and Government)
Abstract This is a descriptive and correlational study that focuses on determining the level of awareness and attitudes of the respondents toward the reproductive health program ofthe Philippines. It tried to test the hypotheses whether there is significant relationship between the respondents’ socio-economic profile such as age, gender, education, annual income, work type, and number of children and their level of awareness and attitude towards the reproductive health program. The study found that majority of the respondents are aware and have positive attitude toward the Reproductive Health Law which can be partly attributed to their place of employment which is an academic institution and where the reproductive health issue is expected to be subjected to thorough discussions. It is concluded that the respondents have favorable and positive reactions on the RH Law, hence it is necessary for the government to pursue it with due respect to religion and cultural beliefs of the Filipinos especially among the Catholics. It is recommended that awareness drives and information dissemination on the positive effects of the RH Bill should be continued, not only in schools but also in communities where most poor families live.
Index terms / Keywords Reproductive Health, Attitude, Beliefs, Perception