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Title my.Eskwela: Designing An Enterprise Learning Management System to Increase Social Network and Reduce Cognitive Load
Posted by Orven Llantos
Authors Llantos, Orven; Estuar, Ma. Regina Justina
Publication date 2018/10/23
Journal Procedia Computer Science
Volume 138
Issue C
Pages 595-602
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract A typical learning management system (LMS) provides a tool for teachers to upload and create links to resources, create online assessments and provide immediate evaluation to students. As much as it tries to be student centered, most LMS remains a tool for instruction rather than learning. In a learning generation that is bound by very high online social capital, connectedness to the family weakens. my.Eskwela (My School) redefines LMS to include a parent component to address the need for inclusive participation of parents in the teaching-learning process. Basis for re-design came from the low user acceptance of teachers in using similar system. The study premised that designing an environment that evokes a ”feeling of socialness” through social widgets provides a perceived presence of a social environment that will increase usage of the system. In a majority of the focus group discussion, results showed a more positive evaluation of the system. Precisely, for perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived adoption and intent to use, it can be reasoned that the implementations for reducing the total effort to perform a task and the effect of implementing social interaction in the user-interface has high-impact.
Index terms / Keywords trust, confidence in new technology, system socialness, media equation theory, HCI