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Title Initial Design Considerations Using Social Network Analysis for a Social Learning Management System
Posted by Orven Llantos
Authors Llantos, Orven; Estuar, Ma. Regina Justina
Publication date 2018/09
Conference 15th DOST Engineering Research and Development for Technology Conference
Abstract Learning Management Systems (LMS) today face new challenges to be more social in response to the influences of social media. Using social media in place of LMS or using social media along with an LMS suffers the problem of focus and data exchange compatibility, among others. Social media used as an educational platform need to deal with authenticity, security and privacy concerns. This paper tries to conduct a preliminary examination of a perceived social LMS environment with teacher, parent, and student as agents. It is done by using the initial data from previous deployments of my.eskwela system and applying social networking analysis. Results showed that faculty agent is the most influential among agents while the student is the central agent that propagates information in the network.
Index terms / Keywords social Learning Management System, Social Networking Analysis, Centrality