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Title Design and Implementation of Real-Time Mobile-based Water Temperature Monitoring System
Posted by Orven Llantos
Authors Bokingkito, Paul Jr., Llantos, Orven
Publication date 2017/12/26
Journal Procedia Computer Science
Volume 124
Pages 698-705
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract In this age of international trade and competition, the aquaculture industry needs to plan and implement a technology that will address issues concerning global food security. In modern aquaculture management, a remote water quality monitoring and computer-controlled intensive culture is the future trend in aquaculture. The objective of this research is to design and develop a real-time mobile-based water temperature monitoring system capable of decreasing the reliance on manpower at the monitoring site to reduce the cost and to assess fish production cycle and fish grow-out system. The system implementation resulted in a monitoring system that collects the current water temperature from the core-controller in real-time. Also, the system provides and displays information that includes normal range, maximum, minimum, average and findings of the collected temperatures. The results obtained in this study has shown the ability of data acquisition in the remote and real-time detection of water temperature accurately and efficiently. It provides decision support to help and guide fisher folks in avoiding distress to fish and obtaining the optimum water temperature range.
Index terms / Keywords water temperature monitoring; cloud computing; fog computing; RESTful API; mobile IOT