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Title Function: The Foundation of Secure Web Development
Posted by Orven Llantos
Authors Llantos, Orven
Publication date 2017/11
Pages 234-237
Publisher SciKa
Abstract Web applications are so pervasive nowadays that anyone who has a web-enabled device can access any sites they like. These sites ranges from social connections, national election data to health care companions. Thus, it is imperative that for these websites to truly serve the purpose they intended, a layer of security against the malicious individual must be implemented. Reports of website hacking are ringing bells around theglobal news whose attackers areunknown.Although open-source MVC frameworksimplemented a security mechanism, there are issues in which if not considered by the web site developer can lead to breach of security just like what happened to exposed websites. The main problem with mainstream MVCframeworks is that, if not configured carefully, it is a single-point of failure.
Index terms / Keywords MVC Framework; REST; Stored Procedure; Identity; access management