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Title Knowledge-based Decision Support Model
Posted by January Naga
Authors Febro, January D.
Publication date 2018 April
Conference Proceedings of IIRAJ International Conference (ICCI-SEM 2018), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Pages 8
Abstract Knowledge-based decision support systems (KBDSS) is a distinct type of Information Systems, the traditional static modeling may not be adequate. For the reason that, the DSS developers need to adopt an evolutionary approach, the design of DSS must be adaptive and the development of DSS needs cooperation between primary stakeholders. One solution is to use agile modeling that is characterized with agility and adaptability. In this study, a methodology for software development process of KBDSS influenced by the Adaptive Software Development (ASD) agile method combined with Decision Support Engineering (DSE) named ASD-KBDSS is proposed. A case study in monitoring student academic status to help academic advisor assessing their advisees was explained and experimented to evaluate ASD-KBDSS methodology. A prototype of the proposed system was successfully implemented.
Index terms / Keywords KBDSS, Software Development Methodology