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Title Exploratory Investigation On The Hypoglycemic Effect Of Abelmoschus Esculentus In Mice
Posted by Sotero Jr. Malayao
Authors John Ray T. Perez, Ricky J. Baritua, Mobarak O. Pacalna, Sotero O. Malayao Jr
Publication date 2013/11
Abstract The increased number of glucose in the blood is called Diabetes [7] and is forecasted to be a very major disease by 2030.[7] There is a pressing need to explore better remediation, be it in form of synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals. This paper made an exploratory investigation on the hypoglycemic effect of a common food item known as ―okra‖ or Abemoschus esculentus (EA). Six (6) mice were randomly selected and grouped into 2 groups and were given extracts from the fruit of Abelmoschus esculentus (EA)/okra which was chopped into three pieces and was soak in 250ml potable water overnight. 1st group is the Control Group and the 2nd group is the Treatment Group. Average results of the two (2) groups are determined and recorded upon conducting this experimental research. The Control Group has an average result of 94mg/dl in the 1st test, 99mg/dl in the 2nd test, 94mg/dl in the 3rd test, 101mg/dl in the 4th test, 97mg/dl in the 5th test and 73mg /dl in the 6th test. The Treatment Group has an average result of 87mg/dl in the 1st test, 99mg/dl in the 2nd test, 124mg/dl in the 3rd test, 129mg/dl in the 4th test, 115mg/dl in the 5th test and 88mg/dl in the 6th test. Results indicated that the extract from Abelmoschus esculentus (EA)/okra has hypoglycemic effect and no observable changes in behavior are noticed to the mice. It is recommended to replicate the study with more number of mice and longer observation period.
Index terms / Keywords Abelmuschus Esculentus (AE), Blood Glucose, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypoglycemic Effect