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Title Exploration on the Effect of Web 2.0-Embedded Scaffoldings to Conceptual Consistency on Force
Posted by Sotero Jr. Malayao
Authors Sotero O. Malayao Jr, and Vincent Dores N. Tagupa
Publication date 2014/8
Journal International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
Volume 5
Issue 8
Pages 514-518
Abstract There had been many studies about the multi-representational learning of students. These studies helped us understand how multiple representations can induce understanding on certain concepts to students. Some of these studies are focused on Physics, particularly on the concepts of force. Over the years, students’ understanding on force concepts was measured through tests such as the Force Concept Inventory. From this, Nieminen, Savinainen, and Viiri developed a new multiple-choice questionnaire which became known as the R-FCI or the Representational Variant of Force Concept Inventory. In this paper, the R-FCI is used to measure the consistency of the students on the force concepts. Lumping together in this study were ICT integration, scaffolding, student-centered mode of learning, and independent inquiry. Utilizing a modified quasi-experimental design, 3 comparable physics 1 classes were utilized. One class served as treatment (Xt), another as positive control (Xco+), and the last one as negative control (Xco-). Both Xt and Xco+received all the treatments from scaffolded lectures, hands-on investigation on DIY apparatus, group exploration on PhET simulations covering forces, and social interaction by online comment on submitted webquest activities. The Xco-however received only the usual classroom lecture mode and was not exposed to webquests and PhET simulations. These three classes took the R-FCI. Results showed that the study can only afford to conclude the significant effect of scaffoldings on raw scores. The scaffolded or treated classes, both Xt and Xco+, had no significant difference between them but had a significant difference with the unscaffolded or untreated class, Xco-.
Index terms / Keywords FCI, Force, Multi-representational Learning, R-FCI, Representational Consistency, Scaffoldings
DOI DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.2184.0084