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Title Lexico-Semantic and Morphological Analyses of Sebuano Lexical items in the MTB-MLE Learning Materials and in Facebook: Toward Sebuano Modernization
Posted by Nancy Echavez
Authors Nancy Q. Echavez
Publication date June 2016
Journal The Mindanao Forum
Volume Vol XIX
Issue No.1
Pages 120
Publisher Mindanao State University
Abstract LEXICO-SEMANTIC AND MORPHOLOGICAL ANALYSES OF SEBUANO LEXICAL ITEMS IN THE MTBMLE LEARNING MATERIALS AND IN FACEBOOK: TOWARD SEBUANO MODERNIZATION ABSTRACT This study aims at discovering the characteristic features of the Sebuano lexical items that are deemed essential in coping with the demands of modernization. It utilized Cronholm and Goldkuhl’s (2003) Multi-grounded Theory and employed mixed method research design in the analysis. The patterns and tendencies revealed by the data showed that: (i) native Sebuano lexemes dominate as the choice code, followed by the borrowed English lexemes then the indigenized lexemes; (ii) the Sebuano word formation processes are affixation, reduplication, clipping, blending, acronyms, compounding, onomatopoeia and CMD codes or netspeak; (iii) the semantic fields in the LMs are mathematics, music & arts, social studies (araling panlipunan), shapes, colors, numerals, animals, and professions, and English concepts while those in FB are technology, business and profession, politics and religion, school, culture, food and arts, people, events and places, expressions and abstracts; (iv) the semantic changes are metaphor, widening and pejoration; and (v) modernization of Sebuano take the forms of: (1) Adoption of English lexemes (2) adaptation leading to indigenization (3) adoption of some Tagalog lexemes (4) neologism (5) utilization of current but unpopular Sebuano lexemes (6) Sebuano modernization by revitalization of relatively dated Sebuano lexemes, and (7) translation leading to compounding and calquing. Given these findings, the Sebuano lexical obscurity theory is formulated. This theory postulates that some Sebuano lexemes are more opaque or obscure than their English equivalents, thereby resulting to some degree of reservations regarding the truism of the MTBMLE tagline, “learners start from where they are”.
Index terms / Keywords MTB-MLE, Lexico-Semantic, Morphological Processes, Sebuano Lexical items, Sebuano modernization