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Title A comparative study of physicochemical and biological water quality parameters of Iligan Bay, Philippines
Posted by Annielyn Tampus
Authors Darlyne Logarta Bugtong, Annielyn Deocampo Tampus* , Sharon Rose Malanum Tabugo, Angelo Ario Responte, Marilu Dandasan Dimalen
Publication date 2018
Journal International Journal of Biosciences
Volume Volume 12
Issue No. 6
Pages p. 19-36, 2018
Publisher INNSPUB
Abstract Changes in the physico-chemical characteristics provide significant information on status and health of aquatic ecosystem particularly marine life. This study was conducted to analyze the physico-chemical and biological water quality parameters of the selected three coastal waters of Iligan Bay, Philippines which has been a major fishing ground for its rich fishery resources. A total of 11 physico-chemical and 3 biological parameters were observed. Principal component analysis showed four major PCs which accounted for 88.3% variance of the original data structure. The first PC explained 38.191% of the total variance and was best represented by nitrate, phosphate and conductivity. The second PC was dominated by Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), accounting for 26.062% of the total variance. The third PC explained 13.787% of the total variance and loaded heavily on transparency and substrate type. The fourth PC accounted for 10.212% of the total variance which is dominated by hetero plate count, total coliform and E. coli. Results showed that selected sites in Iligan Bay generally, did not comply with the limits of quality set by the DENR especially for surface water temperature and pH. Moreover, results for bacteriological analysis implied that the three sites examined exhibited relatively poor water quality during the study period. In this respect, poor water quality is attributed to anthropogenic activities in the area.
Index terms / Keywords Physico-chemical parameters, Biological parameters, Pearson correlation analysis, Principal component analysis.