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Title Electrophoretic fabrication of ZnO/ZnO-CuO composite for ammonia gas sensing
Posted by Ryan Corpuz
Authors Ryan Dula Corpuz, Jason Rayala Albia
Publication date 2014/8
Journal Materials Research
Volume 17
Issue 4
Pages 851-856
Publisher Materials Research
Abstract Nanostructured deposits of ammonia (NH3) sensitive ZnO and ZnO-CuO composites were fabricated on a graphite electrode via electrophoretic deposition (EPD). Deposition was done by holding the applied voltage and deposition time constant at room temperature. Testing of sensing properties of the deposits was conducted using Wheatstone bridge circuit. SEM micrographs show a more open structure and more exposed surface area of the pure ZnO deposit compared to the ZnO-CuO deposit. The average particle size deposited at 500V for ZnO and ZnO-CuO were 241nm and 260nm respectively; whereas at 750V the average particle size is 195nm and 276nm, respectively. Deposits with greater surface area, smaller particle sizes and thicker deposits exhibit high gas sensitivity. On the other hand, addition of CuO resulted to a more compact and dense surface structure and decreased gas sensitivity. Thus, particle size and the surface structure of the deposits dictate the sensitivity of the material.
Index terms / Keywords electrophoretic deposition, zinc oxide, copper oxide, ammonia, gas sensitivity