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Title Assessing the efficacy of the problem management plus (PM+) in improving the mental health of conflict-exposed individuals
Posted by Jelli Grace Luzano
Authors Luzano, Jelli Grace; Mordeno, Imelu
Publication date 2023
Journal Current Psychology
Pages 1-17
Publisher Springer
Abstract The present study aimed to examine the efficacy of Problem Management Plus (PM+), a low-intensity, cognitive-behavioral therapy-based (CBT) intervention, in improving the mental health of conflict-exposed individuals using a randomized-controlled trial (RCT) design. A sample of 26 individuals participated in the study, randomized into PM+ (i.e., treatment; n = 14) and waitlist control (i.e., WLC; n = 12) groups. Results show that those in the PM + group showed improved mental health outcomes at posttest, while the WLC group did not show any significant improvement. There was also a significant difference in the psychological wellbeing, functionality, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression scores between the two groups at posttest, with the PM + group demonstrating lower severity of symptoms and better wellbeing. The results support the efficacy of PM + as a transdiagnostic CBT-based intervention in the current sample.
Index terms / Keywords Problem management plus, low-intensity intervention, guidance and counseling, conflict-exposed individuals, college students