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Title Academic Performance and Personal Entrepreneurial Competency among ABM Students
Posted by Shiny Rose Narit
Authors Narit, Shiny Rose
Publication date 2023/10
Journal Journal of Global Business
Volume 12
Issue 2
Pages 458-480
Publisher Association of Training Institutions for Foreign Trade in Asia and The Pacific
Abstract The accountancy, business, and management (ABM) strand provides learners with vital abilities to excel in a globally competitive business environment. It equips them with managerial know-how, numerical fluency, and literacy aptitude for success as entrepreneurs. Tony Wagner identifies a gap between what schools teach and what young people need to know to succeed in the 21st century. One of Tony Wagner's survival skills for the 21st century is initiative and entrepreneurship: The ability to take risks, be creative, and seize opportunities. (Driscoll, 2020). The study intended to determine the Academic Performance of the La Salle Academy ABM Grade 12 students in their two major subjects and assess their entrepreneurial competency ratings using a descriptive correlational research design. Using the 55-item Personal Entrepreneurial Competency (PEC) self-rating questionnaire of Management Systems International (MSI), 118 ABM students could assess their ten entrepreneurial competencies. Results showed that the student's academic performance in marketing principles is still approaching proficiency while business finance is still developing. The students had a moderate level of entrepreneurial competencies. Moreover, the demand for quality and efficiency and commitment to work contracts reveal a significant relationship in the academic performance of the two primary subjects, while information-seeking competency reveals a significant relationship in the business finance academic performance of the students. This study recommends strengthening entrepreneurial-related activities in ABM major subjects to intensify students' entrepreneurial competencies. Future research may involve multiple senior high schools in diverse regions, enhancing inclusivity and extending the potential for broader applicability.
Index terms / Keywords accountancy business and management track, entrepreneurial competencies, principles of marketing, business finance, academic performance