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Posted by Geraldine Blanco
Authors Richelle Gerong,Jonathan O Jacobo, Geraldine Blanco, Angel Jumawan
Publication date 2021
Pages 459-462
Publisher Sci.Int.(Lahore)
Abstract The novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has caused widespread disruption throughout the world following thesubsequent medical and economic fallout. Many universities have been forced to choose between closing and suspending teaching orrapidly adapting their approach to learning through online course delivery and, thus, requiring students to rely entirely on the internet.Even with the adaption of the Flexible Learning Program (FLP), university students still face challenges in their studies, one of which isthe inconsistent internet connection in their respective locations. So the University of Science and Technology of the SouthernPhilippines (USTP) stepped in to help the students on their internet concerns. Using the results from the student survey and focusedgroup discussions with students, it was concluded that the USTeP Mobile Application a great complement to the University's FLPbecause it provides solutions to most of its users' concerns on internet connection. Students who are struggling to load up and locate areliable internet connection will benefit greatly from the USTeP App's powerful feature of downloading unlimited learning content andviewing it offline. It is hoped that the Application will soon be available for IOS users, allowing the University's Learning ManagementSystem to be fully utilized. Moreover, the USTP faculty must also learn how to make the activities available to users offline. Finally, tosupport the Application's offline quizzes capability, a policy or set of guidelines may be developed.
Index terms / Keywords Learning Management System, Mobile Application, Internet Connectivity, Android Application, Branded MoodleApplication, Flexible Learning Program, Higher Educational Institution (PDF) STRENGTHENING THE FLEXIBLE LEARNING PROGRAM THROUGH A LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MOBILE APPLICATION. Available from: [accessed Sep 21 2023].
URL [accessed Sep 21 2023].