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Title Data Visualization for a Geographic Information System of Schistosomiasis Mass Drug Administration
Posted by Lemuel Clark Velasco
Authors Acibar, JMD; Aguanta, LN; Gomora, JDE, Velasco, LCP
Publication date 2016
Publisher National Conference of Information Technology Educators
Abstract Salvador, Lanao del Norte is one of the municipalities in the Philippines endemic with schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that leads to chronic illness. Altair GIS was developed in order for the Municipal Health Office (MHO) of Salvador to manage the data of the community's mass drug administration compliance. To understand the community's compliance to mass drug administration, this study enhanced Altair GIS by developing visualizations using Google Visualization API in order to generate spatial and visual analysis of the community's compliance to mass drug administration. Data visualization analysis was conducted and the developed data visualization architecture design was implemented with results showing the successful possibility of incorporating the mapping, visualization and statistical models of Altair GIS. With these visualizations, Altair GIS can assist in the decision making process and strategy formulation of the MHOs by understanding data in coming up with intervention decisions, contextualized information and education campaign to increase awareness and compliance to schistosomiasis mass drug administration.