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Title Day-ahead Base, Intermediate, and Peak Load Forecasting using K-Means and Artificial Neural Networks
Posted by Lemuel Clark Velasco
Authors Velasco, Lemuel Clark ; Estoperez, Noel ; Jayson, Renbert Jay; Sabijon, Caezar Johnlery; Sayles, Verlyn
Publication date 2018
Journal International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications IJACSA
Volume 9
Issue 2
Pages 6
Publisher The Science and Information Organization
Abstract —Industries depend heavily on the capacity and availability of electric power. A typical load curve has three parts, namely, base, intermediate, and peak load. Predicting the three (3) system loads accurately in a power system will help power utilities ensure the availability of the supply and to avoid the risk for over- or under- utilization of generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. The goal of this research is to create a suitable model for day-ahead base, intermediate and peak load forecasting of the electric load data provided by a power utility company. This paper presents an approach in predicting the three (3) system loads using K-means clustering and artificial neural networks (ANN). The power utility’s load data was clustered using K-means to determine the daily base, intermediate and peak loads that were then fed into an ANN model that utilized Quick Propagation training algorithm and Gaussian activation function. It was found out that the implemented ANN model generated 2.2%, 1.84%, and 1.4% as the lowest MAPE for base, intermediate, and peak loads, respectively, with highest MAPE below the accepted standard error rate of 5%. The results of this study clearly suggest that with the proper method of data preparation, clustering, and model implementation, ANN can be a viable solution in forecasting the day-ahead base, intermediate, and peak load demand of a power utility.
Index terms / Keywords K-means clustering; artificial neural networks; base intermediate and peak load; day-ahead load forecasting
DOI 10.14569/IJACSA.2018.090210