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Title Data Analysis with Visualization for a Geographic Information System of Schistosomiasis Community Health Data
Posted by Lemuel Clark Velasco
Authors Acibar, JMD; Aguanta, LN; Gomora, JDE, Velasco, LCP
Publication date 2016
Conference Pre-proceeding of the 6th Workshop on Computation: Theory and Practice WCTP
Publisher Computing Society of the Philippines
Abstract Schistosomiasis is a disease common in geographic areas with bodies of water infested with the larval forms of parasitic blood flukes. Altair Geographic Information System (GIS) was developed to monitor the schistosomiasis cases in Salvador, Lanao del Norte. Although the system provide appropriate map visualizations, the system does not offer data analysis and visual analysis of data which would be vital to the understanding of relationships between survey variables of the GIS. This research developed a data analysis and visualization model by studying the existing features and data of Altair GIS. Developed data analysis model was then integrated to the visualizations of the GIS survey data. Google Charts Visualization API was used in producing charts for the determined statistical tools. The data analysis with visualization module helped the MHO of Salvador in making appropriate interventions and action plans to address the schistosomiasis problem of their locality.