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Title Pagsasalin sa Filipino ng Sugilanon ni Marcelo Geocallo: Tungo sa Pagsusulong ng Panitikan ng Rehiyon
Posted by Marina Quilab
Authors Marina G. Quilab
Publication date 2021
Journal Langkit: Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
Volume Vol. 10
Issue 2021
Pages 36-52
Abstract Abstract This paper features the translation of a sugilanon written by a Visayan writer Marcelo Geocallo. His piece of work is written in Cebuano language that commonly considered as Binisaya and has been translated into Filipino. Translating this sugilanon gives the wider audience an access to understand and evaluate the characteristics — its aesthetics and poetics. Apart from the translation, this paper also focuses on the context of the work and how it describes the society of Lanao del Norte and Mindanao in general. The researcher is a native speaker of Binisaya and this is a big help for translating the text towards Filipino language. In relation to literary translation, the original form of words and expressions that have cultural and technical meaning is sustained. More attention is paid to the context of the work. Thus, this paper proves that translation is also a creative creation. On the other hand, the sugilanon describes and narrates the life and experience of the people of Lanao shaped by the experiences of the migration or dislocation of indigenous people to remote areas, land grabbing, illegal logging, and the impact of industrialization. This sugilanon also reflects the preservation of traditional practices of the indigenous people despite modern advances and technology. In this story, the main character Sultan Malawi shows sincere love and care for the forest that is the source of their livelihood and history of their race. Keywords: sugilanon, pagsasalin, Filipino, rehiyonal na panitikan, pambansang panitikan