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Title Determining Grade 10 Students of Molugan National High School to Enroll in Accountancy, Business and Management Based on National Career Assessment Examination and Academic Performance
Posted by Michael Lloyd Bation
Authors Bation, Michael Lloyd; Sabaldana, Cheryll
Publication date 2018
Journal International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research
Volume 6
Issue 1
Pages 506-511
Publisher Research Publish Journals
Abstract This study was conducted to determine the readiness of grade 10 students of Molugan National High School to enroll in the Accountancy, Business and Management strand of the Senior High School curriculum. It made use of descriptive method of research using secondary data: the National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE) result from National Education Testing and Research Center and the Academic Performance of the student-respondents. It was conducted among 28 students during the second semester of school year 2015- 2016. As a whole, most of the respondents are not ready for the ABM strand in senior high school. From the result of their NCAE and academic achievement, four out of the twenty eight student-respondents are ready. Also, there is no significant relationship between the student's academic performance and the National Career Assessment Examination results. The areas of competencies taught in some academic subjects like Math and TLE does not meet with the areas of competencies in the NCAE. It is recommended that teachers will give priority to school activities that will lead individual learners to be ready on the track they would choose on their senior high school program and teachers would enhance the positive attitudes displayed by students towards it.
Index terms / Keywords ABM, Senior High School, NCAE