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Solving the Binary Puzzle with Genetic Algorithm Journal

Balagbis, Rachel Anne B. ; Llantos, Orven E.
Procedia Computer Science 234 (C), 954-961

High-dimensional sparse predictive modeling applied to varied correlation structure via the generalized additive model Journal

Bondaug, Farlley G. and Tubo, Bernadette F.
Procedia Computer Science 234 (2024) 70–78 234, 70-78

Prolactin gene (C576A) polymorphism is associated with milk production performance in crossbred Anglo-Nubian dairy goats Journal

Carlo Stephen O. Moneva, Percival P. Sangel, Amado A. Angeles, Merlyn S. Mendioro, and Renato S.A. Vega
Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 94 (5), 431-434

Watershed Level Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression Machine Chapter

Velasco, Lemuel Clark; Estose, Alyssa Jenn; Opon, Melcris; Tabanao, Emily
Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 919, 449-466

Rapid fisheries assessment of pelagic rays (Mobulidae, Chondrichthyes) in Northern Mindanao, Philippines Journal

Metillo, EB, Masangcay SIG, Arnold S, Verdote DMM
Asia Pacific Journal of Science and Mathematics 7 (2), 13-18

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