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A tandem chemocatalytic-hydrothermal approach for the conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into organic acids Journal

Mario T. Bacabac, Daisy Shane L. Atayan, Joshua Andrew P. Nillama, and Evelyn C. Creencia
Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Microwave-promoted Synthesis and OptoelectronicProperties of Ethoxycarbonyl-substituted Coumarin and Benzo[f]coumarin Journal

Shinje Minoza, Joshua Andrew P. Nillama, and Evelyn C. Creencia
Philippine Journal of Science 151 (2022) (5), 1647-1656

Intersectionalities of gender, ethnicity, and leadership in the narratives of Meranao women in the Philippines Journal

Genon, Lynrose Jane
Journal of Asian Pacific Communication 32 (1), 154-171

First report of Caenorhabditis brenneri (Nematoda: Rhabditida) isolated from the cadaver of Philippinella moellendorffi (Stylommatophora: Ariophantidae), a terrestrial slug in the Philippines Journal

Loel Dalan, Michelle Anne Diano, Irma Tandingan De Ley & Nanette Hope Sumaya
Journal of Helminthology 96 (e59), 1-5

Abandoned Fishpond Reversal to Mangrove Forest: Will the Carbon Storage Potential Match the Natural Stand 30 Years after Reforestation? Journal

Mariano, Habagat, Aguilos, Maricar, Dagoc, Frandel Louis, Sumalinab, Bryan, Amparado, Ruben
Forests 13 (6)

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