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A novel evaluation system for whole-organ-engineered liver graft by ex vivo application to a highly reproducible hepatic failure rat model Journal

Hiroki Sakamoto, Nana Shirakigawa, Ronald Perocho Bual, Yukako Fukuda, Shunsuke Nakamura, Tatsunori Miyata, Takanobu Yamao, Yo-ichi Yamashita, Hideo Baba, Hiroyuki Ijima
Journal of Artificial Organs 22 (222-229)

Cryoprotective enhancing effect of very low concentration of trehalose on the functions of primary rat hepatocytes Journal

Kozue Yoshida, Fumiyasu Ono, Takehiro Chouno, Bual Ronald Perocho, Yasuhiro Ikegami, Nana Shirakigawa, Hiroyuki Ijima
Regenerative Therapy 15, 173-179

Analysis of sulfated glycosaminoglycans in ECM scaffolds for tissue engineering applications: modified alcian blue method development and validation Journal

Tuyajargal Iimaa, Yasuhiro Ikegami, Ronald Bual, Nana Shirakigawa, Hiroyuki Ijima
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 10 (2), 19

Intact extracellular matrix component promotes maintenance of liver-specific functions and larger aggregates formation of primary rat hepatocytes Journal

Ronald P Bual, Hiroyuki Ijima
Regenerative Therapy 11, 258-268

Fabrication of liver-derived extracellular matrix nanofibers and functional evaluation in in vitro culture using primary hepatocytes Journal

Ronald Bual, Haruna Kimura, Yasuhiro Ikegami, Nana Shirakigawa, Hiroyuki Ijima
Materialia 4, 518-528

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