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Evaluation of Pb(II) Removal from Water Using Sodium Alginate/Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Beads Conference

GUERRERO, Rodel D.; ACIBAR, Catherine O.; ALARDE, Christine Marie C.; MASLOG, Jane E.; PACILAN, Christine Joy M.
6th Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC) in conjunction with AUN/SEED-Net’s Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering (RCEnvE) 2019

Furfural Synthesis from Locally Available Agricultural Residues via Acid Hydrolysis Journal

Guerrero, Rodel D.; Tumolva, Terence P.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Science, Mathematics and Engineering (APJSME) 5 (2), 11-14

Training Exposure on Web Tools and the Level of Technology Integration: The Mediating Role of Attitude, Subjective Norm and Self -Efficacy Conference

Ruben L. Abucayon, Donna Moore T. Lumacang , Yvonne May S. Semblante

Development of Subanen-Based Mathematics Activities in Geometry (SMAG) for Grade 7 Conference

Pelmar Acosta, Ruben L. Abucayon, Mryna E. Lahoylahoy, Corazon Tejano
International Conference on Educational Research, Thailand

Multimedia Integration in Enhancing the Language Skills of the Grade VII Students Conference

Ruben l. Abucayon, Jonah Fe P. Acuno Jelisse Briane W. Apugan

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