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Performance analysis of artificial neural network models for hour-ahead electric load forecasting Journal

Velasco, Lemuel Clark P; Arnejo, Karl Anthony S; Macarat, Justine Shane S
Procedia Computer Science 197, 16-24

Persuasive Faculty and Rhetorical Structure Analysis of Popular Filipino Fiction Book Blurbs from 1980-Present Journal

Jimenez, Claire Anne and Dalona, Irish Mae F.
Langkit 9 (2019-2020), 43-66

First report, morphological and molecular characterization of Caenorhabditis brenneri (Nematoda:Rhabditidae) isolated from the giant African land snail Achatina fulica (Gastropoda: Achatinidae) Journal

Michelle Anne Diano, Loel Dalan, Phougeishangbam Rolish Singh & Nanette Hope Sumaya
Biologia Online First (Online First), 10

Density functional theory and ab initio calculations of the heats of formation of pyrrole and furan oligomers: progress report. Journal

R.V. Bantaculo, A.C. Alguno, R.M. Vequizo, M.B. Munoz, M.J.F. Fernandez, H. Miyata, E.W. Ignacio, A.M. Bacala
The Mindanao Forum 15 (2), 113-127

The cycloaddition reactions of tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) and methyl vinyl ether (MVE) in tetrahydrofuran solvent: a density functional theory - self consistent reaction field theory study Journal

M.J.F. Fernandez, E.W. Ignacio
Lectern 7 (10)

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