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Integrating bi-pH operation to enhance Ni2+ removal and recovery in fluidized-bed non-seeded granulation process Journal

Jacklyn Monserate Baldovia-Lim, Mark Daniel G de Luna, Ralf Ruffel M Abarca, Carl Francis Z Lacson, Nurak Grisdanurak, Ming-Chun Lu
Chemical Engineering Journal 472, 145102

Low thermal oxidation of gaseous toluene over Cu/Ce single-doped and co-doped OMS-2 on different synthetic routes Journal

Kitirote Wantala, Fe Corazon L See Go, Vince Carlo C Garcia, Prae Chirawatkul, Narong Chanlek, Pinit Kidkhunthod, Ralf Ruffel M Abarca, Mark Daniel G de Luna
Chemical Engineering Communications 211, 350-365

Biodiesel production from soybean oil via LiOH-pumice catalytic transesterification and BBD-RSM optimization Journal

Joy Marie R Mora, Carl Francis Z Lacson, Angelo Earvin Sy Choi, Tsair-Wang Chung, Joseph D Retumban, Ralf Ruffel M Abarca, Nurak Grisdanurak, Mark Daniel G de Luna
Energy Reports 11, 4032-4043

Effects of carbon dioxide concentration and swine wastewater on the cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris FSP-E and bioethanol production from microalgae biomass Journal

Billriz E Condor, Mark Daniel G de Luna, Carl Francis Z Lacson, Paula Isabel G Acebu, Ralf Ruffel M Abarca, Dillirani Nagarajan, Duu-Jong Lee, Jo-Shu Chang
Applied Energy 369, 123617

Performance Evaluation of Support Vector Regression Machine Models in Water Level Forecasting Journal

Velasco, Lemuel Clark; Estose, Alyssa Jenn; Opon, Melcris; Tabanao, Emily; Apdian, Floremie
Procedia Computer Science 234, 436-447

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